Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rock the Bells in New York City

With an exam approaching in only a week, I find myself in possession of a ticket to Rock the Bells featuring none other than Rage Against the Machine.

I would have once sat and debated about whether to go, seeing as exams are so close, but with friends like Lauren, Tim and Ryan, I have seen the light (p.s. who needs enemies?). In any case, I'm trekking to see the spark of rebellion. To all the haters, I have to say:

Even in its distilled form, no matter where he has been, I am certain that the spark that drives Zack de la Rocha can not be extinguished. It may change incarnations, but it doesn't die. Read anything the guy ever said, watch any documentary. He wants change and it hasn't hit yet.

When I return I may post a few of my favourite parts of the show, but look elsewhere for a 'critique', because anybody who chimes in to tell you who wasn't 'up to par' at a rock concert left their balls in their Fallout Boy custom backpack (w/ Stickers omg).


hater said...

yeah. free mumia! and rebel against...something

tmac said...

Yo hopefully chingy will show up... Who gives a fuck about rage

Lauren said...


*explodes from jealousy*

ps i await the pictures so i can live vicariously through you (until the day that i come up with the technology to suck the memories from your mind and install them into mine)

NeilV said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we goooooooooooooo it's RAINING oh yessssssssssss these shoes are finished. I'm finished.

I will see you anew