Saturday, June 30, 2007

muses on: missing having cable...

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are two intelligent, entertaining avenues for getting in touch with the world around you... now if only there was a Canadian parody, eh?


*edit* thanks to my ghostlike friend Mladen (you can't fly, give it up) I have been informed that the above video has disappeared into the ethers of cyberspace... if it is still not working, move your mousey over here and click

**note: not the original video, deal with it :P

Saturday, June 23, 2007

When Did it Become Acceptable to Progress in America by Refusing Competing Ideas to be Heard?

In a recent on-air Fox News segment regarding high school drug and sex education, a Colorado high school student's defense of in-class drug education bothered ultra-conservative republican host Bill O'Reilly enough for the host to became slanderous. O'Reilly, supporting the idea that open discussion of drugs and sex only leads to promiscuity and addiction, was infuriated by the idea that Boulder High student Jesse Lange felt he gained "good real-world advice" from a recent school-wide forum on the topics. Play the interview below.

In the video, as Jesse slowly presents a convincing display of calm rationale, O'Reilly begins to speak progressively louder, eventually starting to cut off the student's sentences before counter-points can be made. Then, in the piece de resistance, O'Reilly, representative of the show he runs on the network he owns, loses his remaining poise and yells Jesse down: "I know what you pinheads think".

The main issue to me: If O'Reilly is confident in the basis of his ideals, why is he constantly attempting to suppress the information of his opponents? Is this what his republican viewers -- Republican Americans -- condone and support? Is it acceptable to progress forward in America by refusing competing ideas to be heard at all? Because that is exactly the message that is being delivered to millions of Fox News viewers every day.

Think this is a one-time occurrence? An over-reaction? After all, O'Reilly did bring Jesse on to speak his opinion on the show, right? Wrong. They're constantly up to sophisticated spin work. Don't take my word for it: and fight tirelessly every day to bring attention to the horrifying techniques now regularly employed by Fox News. On any given issue, the network will occasionally bring in a single voice of opposition (up against two competing conservative voices), and upon inspection it's clear that the ultimate purpose in this 'debate' is to lynch the opponent, thereby strengthening the resolve of the conservative ideal. When stronger debaters begin to challenge the agenda, Fox pulls the plug: "Shut Up", "Turn his mic off" and the mid-sentence "Thanks for your time" have become staples of the network. Play this video below for a collage of their best work.

But as is human nature in our new high-speed information world, the obscenity of this censorship quickly piques our concern and just as quickly fades away; the heart of the problem for which this is a symptom escapes unscathed. I'm asking: what exactly is the root of this repeated censorship, and why is it tolerated by the viewers of Fox News? Is it accepted out of fear? Ignorance? Aggression? Patriotism?

I contest that misinformation and the suppression of any average American's point of view is becoming an accepted and desired method of maintaining the order of the existing conservative ideals.

I contest that in the face of the rational disciplines of science and democracy (and the least popular campaign in Presidential history), conservative proponents are beginning to exhibit a cornered-dog mentality, and those that feel threatened will do anything to defend themselves from a perceived loss of power.

I contest that the few who have the most to lose by the progress of diplomatic peace and capitalistic new enterprise actively and knowingly use their power (through private media outlets, for instance) to persuade the less fortunate to feel that they will also lose in a new America.

I contest that these same less fortunate conservatives are never even remotely exposed to the science, democracy and diplomacy that aims to strengthen America in the inevitable global fight for social and economic progress.

I contest that most people at Fox News feel that they're contributing to the safety and success of America, while they simply protect the bank account of the handful of people who run the station.

I submit that in these changing times, those in power callously believe that the only path that will lead back to a conservative Republican Christian America is to ensure with full force that competing ideas are suppressed and remain unheard, regardless of the long term consequences.

Finally, I genuinely hoped that this insecurity-driven, groupthink method of 'progress' would not be reflected in the direction of the upcoming new generation of the Republican Party, but if you've at all been following the GOP Republican Debates...

... then I have to say that a preemptive nuclear strike on a country sounds no different to me than a preemptive verbal strike on a person's opinion.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Your Personal Communication Supplement

WordWeb 5.0 is my personal choice for supplementing my daily browse (and daily write). It's a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia that will tell you anything about any word in any program. Simply highlight the word, hit "ctrl+alt+w" and you've got a lightning quick dictionary reference. If you need more information, there are tabs for wikipedia and a fantastic thesaurus.

I was hesitant to give away the secrets to my esoterism (WordWeb is informing me that this isn't a word) but seeing as I'm often incorrect I figure I should give the power to he/she who can properly harness it's potential.

Download it for free here.

Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned

Sexy video, sexy song.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Game: Cat with Crossbow Golf

Cat With Crossbow Golf.

What blows my mind is that the Spiderman 3 game cost about half a million dollars to create and this free flash game completely annihilates it. There's no simple formula for fun.

Monday, June 18, 2007

i think i must interject here...

as a proud parent watches their progeny stand up on two legs and take their first wobbly, usually failed, steps, so too have i watched this blog flourish with the random thoughts bursting forth from my wall buddy's mind.

this webmistress has apparently abandoned her creation, but has not been ignoring it my dear friends, oh no...

just one thing needs to be said before neil takes up the mantle once more:

robert plant is god. his spirit flows through time, bits and pieces of his genius surfacing in the greater parts of isaac newton and shakira alike (no jokes, a friend was convinced that a plant wallpaper of mine was shakira... it must be the curves). have you experienced the way of the plant? all answers about life, love, loss and licks can be found by following the path of plant, or by clicking here.

embrace your inner plant, live long and prosper.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Live Action Starfox (w/ Spoilers)

Live Action StarFox w/ Spoilers... The music is what really blows me away so far.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Teacher Onizuka


Face value: Gangster kid grows up and tries to become a public school teacher in contemporary Japan where a rebellion is currently underway.

Message: The story of the next generation of carefree unruly Japanese, crushed between the West and the East, freedom and conformity, and sometimes horrible acting.

Nintendo Power from 1989

Mega Man 2, River City... This brings back too many memories...

[edit: before u get on msn to tell me how many ways this is gay, this was just an experiment to learn how to make animated gifs. in the immortal words of Tenacious D's JB: "... You create something!"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hilarious Battlez! Many Fan!

Many fan watch the battle. It is so funny! GET IT!! Video GETS!

These are two of my favourite comedians, who come from different comedy teams, but got together for the end of 2005 for the Warai no Saiten (obv).

I should probably say, they use this video as somewhat of an intelligence benchmark in Japan, i.e., laugh or you're going to have to stand in the corner after class, and Japanese teachers don't look anything like they do in the pornos (is what I heard from tmac).

Lex Luthor feat. Kaz Hirai

"You're The Man Now Dogg" = YTMND

Lex Luthor v. Kaz Hirai*

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gutsman's Ass

Where does this stuff come from?

Troll Profile: Gimmidamonii @

CreepyDudes now presents a Troll Profile of GimmiDaMonii @


im me for e.z. hax :) !!

Pretty much anytime there are ez hax, i was involved, i was part of NuTcRaCkErZ... I.M me

Where You Live:

hax obv thx

not tryin' to be cocky, but if u need e.z. hax, im pretty much the best in this nation, u can page me at 394-499-6890 or i.m me, ive got other hax than the ones i talk about in my posts usually

Sample Chat feat. Zelda, Executioneer and GimmiDaMonii:

Zelda: "Who the fuck are you, JP from Grandma's Boy?" (directed at GDM)
Executioneer: "gimme da money i'll give you a fist in the face how about that" (obv gay)

GimmiDaMonii (responding with subtle snark... not unlike James Bond I might add)

no, if u wanna flame me, come up with somethin better, like haxx my ip or somethin at least, p.s. do u need e.z. hax, if u do lets put our differences aside, u can page me at the # below

ur all about the fistin, i'm pretty sure i saw some iranian dude pumpin another guy at (i wasn't watchin it, ur mom was, i was lookin' over her shoulder), and the guy gettin pwned kept sayin "I'm executioneer at the i-mockery forums oh oh oh", so i'm pretty sure it was u, p.s. do u need hax

Epilogue: A Typical Response to a post by GimmiDaMonii
"One of the reasons this board is so good is because we don't always talk about "hax"." -rando

admin discussing how many 'stalkers' he seems to notice at i-mockery

See all posts by Gimmidamonii @
Gimmidamonii @ I-Mockery

Friday, June 8, 2007

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Sup now Joe, Link that Joe just sent me.

Check that shit, maybe one day you'll own a multi-million dollar news site like this, providing ppl with info about their lives, stuff like that, but until then, remember, to he with the reigns rains the crown.

Note to other ppl: Joe didn't post a comment, this is his punishment.

Top 10 Drunk Multiplayer Games

Sounds good eh? Here's the link @ Destructoid

But I mean....Grand Theft Auto? I can't imagine my friends sitting around while one guy holds the controller and rides his bike into people. Or the Sims? How would beers and friends enhance the slow-moving rudimentary control of a functionally retarded robot? Maybe by 'top', this writer meant 'bring your night to a quick demise'. This list sux, I haxxed* in and made a new one.

1. Strip Pictionary w/ Japanese Blow Up Dolls
2. Family Feud (NES)
3. FlipCup (Phantom)
4. Dildo Licker (Real Life)
5. Guitar Hero
6. Bust-A-Move (PS1 Dancing Game)
7. Tank (QBasic)
7. See 1., w/ Anal

Now that's what I'm talking about, I'm so drunk right now that my list ends at 7... does that count as a game? Counting? Countin' these rocks, beyatch?

*If you're interested in EZ hax there's a guide at

Monday, June 4, 2007

A message to me from my co-blogger.

"...ya and you will notice when one or two of them gets suddenly removed... but im not unjustly violent you know, i don't take vengeance until im provoked so the choice is yours as to how long you want to keep your appendages."

Pretty much explains this blog.

P.S. Get "Destroy Rock n' Roll" by Mylo and listen to "In My Arms"

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bullet In The Brain

For me, the feeling of creating a story is imbedded in this video. Creation is in fact an abstract, non-linear process, but at the same time it requires an organizational discipline to keep it coherent.