Saturday, June 30, 2007

muses on: missing having cable...

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are two intelligent, entertaining avenues for getting in touch with the world around you... now if only there was a Canadian parody, eh?


*edit* thanks to my ghostlike friend Mladen (you can't fly, give it up) I have been informed that the above video has disappeared into the ethers of cyberspace... if it is still not working, move your mousey over here and click

**note: not the original video, deal with it :P


Anonymous said...

there is, it's called the mercer report, and it makes me cry

Mladen The Terrible said...

Eh indeed.

However, your video has been lost in the depths of cyber space.

I suggest finding a new link. Otherwise your post holds no weight, like the size of a newborn crying baby.

*flys away*

Joe said...

Another Daily Show funny:

Lauren said...

ahahahahhahaahhaha that is fabulous. I'm thinking... instead of, say, holding another referendum on qurebec's push for sovereignty, let's just assume that the ratio of people who like celine dion versus those who don't is a good enough indication of who REALLY supports the separatist movement, non? :P