Sunday, June 10, 2007

Troll Profile: Gimmidamonii @

CreepyDudes now presents a Troll Profile of GimmiDaMonii @


im me for e.z. hax :) !!

Pretty much anytime there are ez hax, i was involved, i was part of NuTcRaCkErZ... I.M me

Where You Live:

hax obv thx

not tryin' to be cocky, but if u need e.z. hax, im pretty much the best in this nation, u can page me at 394-499-6890 or i.m me, ive got other hax than the ones i talk about in my posts usually

Sample Chat feat. Zelda, Executioneer and GimmiDaMonii:

Zelda: "Who the fuck are you, JP from Grandma's Boy?" (directed at GDM)
Executioneer: "gimme da money i'll give you a fist in the face how about that" (obv gay)

GimmiDaMonii (responding with subtle snark... not unlike James Bond I might add)

no, if u wanna flame me, come up with somethin better, like haxx my ip or somethin at least, p.s. do u need e.z. hax, if u do lets put our differences aside, u can page me at the # below

ur all about the fistin, i'm pretty sure i saw some iranian dude pumpin another guy at (i wasn't watchin it, ur mom was, i was lookin' over her shoulder), and the guy gettin pwned kept sayin "I'm executioneer at the i-mockery forums oh oh oh", so i'm pretty sure it was u, p.s. do u need hax

Epilogue: A Typical Response to a post by GimmiDaMonii
"One of the reasons this board is so good is because we don't always talk about "hax"." -rando

admin discussing how many 'stalkers' he seems to notice at i-mockery

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Anonymous said...

more hax less tax

Anonymous said...

hahahaha subtle snark like james bond hahahahahah

great job