Wednesday, May 30, 2007

StumbleUpon & StumbleVideo

I can never adequately express the entertainment qualities found in StumbleUpon and StumbleVideo.

It's the simplest and most effective way of finding entertainment on the internet. For instance:

Red Team Impossible Brain Drain Game: Control Two Characters at Once

Hikaru Utada - Keep Tryin'

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Josh Hansen Poster

Made a new Josh Hansen poster, check it out.

Josh Hansen Poster (700 kB)

This is probably one of the better Josh posters out there, IMHO. :) Let me know what you think. Feel free to use it as your wallpaper.

Monday, May 28, 2007

How I Got To Be a Guest Creepy Dude

enter: young female haxxor covertly keying at a black laptop in the dead of night while NeilV sleeps only a few feet away. Her typing is narrated below and may or may not be sensical.

It all began when creepy neilv unsuspectingly moved his computer to my lap leaving his msn signed in. My first encounter as Fake NeilV was with a Mr. Tmac (whatever the hell that means, because thats the dumbest thing ever), a lonely internet blogger soul begging us creepy dudes to check his work.
The title of the blog was uninspiring (, but however proved to be an appropriate title for the blog itself. I have to admit that he provoked a thought or two, but it was from the stolen metaphor used and not the random narcissistic ranting of someone procrastinating while trying to finish a school report on the anatomy of frogs. Even I have to admit that my heartless criticism is somewhat unfounded, the writing was pretty good, it just needed something to fulfill my consumerist tendencies at the same time.

sound of keyboard crashing on
female haxxor's head, body falls unconscious

Although she said it herself, the previous content of this post was illegitimate and stolen, and may or may not properly reflect the views of Creepy Dudes from the basement. She is now unconscious in my room, solidifying that Creepy Dudes has real-world value in addition to supplementing your moral fiber.

I am strong in the belief that victims of blog identity theft need to unite and make our voices heard. I propose that we unite under my power, my first invitation goes out to "TMAC" (
whatever the hell that means, dumbest name ever) to be my second in command. What do you say?

Now, while it would make sense for me to delete the offending material in this post, that would ruin the narrative that she began, aaand if you're still reading, you're probably anxious to see how I'm going to narrate my first meeting of Blog Identity Theft Cooperative Order X (BitCox). And by not deleting her message, you see the kind of difficulties that come with BIT, and also serves to warn my buddy TMAC (worst name) who will likely soon get haxxed too.

I assure you that this identity theft wasn't staged. However, the haxx have a silver lining: I get the chance to honestly comment on

IMHO, the idea of the moment can never be hammered hard enough into the dense shell of fear and complacency, and anybody who dedicates their time to kickin' more people into living for what they want is an honorary Creepy Dude to me.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

McCain was probably that angry.

Had to post it.

Order among Chaos

Before I let her steal the show into the dark recesses of her twisted dreams, I now present the basis of the Creepy Dudes from the basement.

Basically, CDFTB involves the stranger stories that have come out of our time as a middly-respected middly-talented production assistant team out in California. We've been here for a while --I personally have been bouncing job-to-job here for about decade-- and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Don't get me wrong; it was good for me because I was realistic. I wasn't the wide-eyed Polly-Anne waiting to make my mark on the world. I was more along the lines of broke, curious and tired of New Jersey.

Anyway, like Lauren said, we're 'bout to lay down some dirt on Spiderman. Spiderman 3 to be precise. Some backstory:

In early 2004, our team landed our biggest break: we got the chance to work with Sam Raimi's cousin. Hooorah. We were responsible for all the incredible behind-the-scenes coffee and casting on TV's "The Shield". Besides the pleasure of watching Jim Budig double-fisting donuts all day, I often found myself invited to head up to one of Sam's infamous vista parties. The particular point of interest at a Sam Raimi party is his collection of film memorabilia: it truly is the stuff of Hollywood legend. But unlike Sylvester Stallone's set of Plaster Casters (Lauren seems to think this constitutes a legend), Raimi's vast array of technical equipment and marketing materials from the birthing days of film truly stands up (punintended) to the myth.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This, my friends, may just be the thing to take down the Whitehouse. Topple the entire Axis of Evil and then some. Bring the Ottoman Empire to its knees... damn that happened already. Well if it didn't then it would because of this.

The ultimate cover-up... EXPOSED!... by the sensational work of the CDFTB. Who Spiderman REALLY is. The role of power between Good, Evil, and... Mary Jane? What side is she on? Find out how centuries of ethnocentric thinking has produced the perfect comic grounds for a (thinly veiled) political theatre of SUPER proportions to be played out. be continued when hazy sleep is less a reality and, at least temporarily, a dream...


... to the dark abyss that is the basement of the little white house on the corner

here, creatures stumble forth from the dark, eyes blinking and curiosity sparking their thirsty minds, to shed light on the most pressing conundrums of our time. using all of the cunning of bruce campbell , and the insight of grissom on CSI (dude, some of his one-liners are just BANG on... "looks like she took a dirt nap!" re: the woman who died from asphyxiation due to a tonne of sand being dumped on her dozing body... sheer brilliance), these creatures will attempt to unravel some of the world's largest conspiracies, cover-ups and general BS starting with....