Thursday, May 24, 2007

Order among Chaos

Before I let her steal the show into the dark recesses of her twisted dreams, I now present the basis of the Creepy Dudes from the basement.

Basically, CDFTB involves the stranger stories that have come out of our time as a middly-respected middly-talented production assistant team out in California. We've been here for a while --I personally have been bouncing job-to-job here for about decade-- and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Don't get me wrong; it was good for me because I was realistic. I wasn't the wide-eyed Polly-Anne waiting to make my mark on the world. I was more along the lines of broke, curious and tired of New Jersey.

Anyway, like Lauren said, we're 'bout to lay down some dirt on Spiderman. Spiderman 3 to be precise. Some backstory:

In early 2004, our team landed our biggest break: we got the chance to work with Sam Raimi's cousin. Hooorah. We were responsible for all the incredible behind-the-scenes coffee and casting on TV's "The Shield". Besides the pleasure of watching Jim Budig double-fisting donuts all day, I often found myself invited to head up to one of Sam's infamous vista parties. The particular point of interest at a Sam Raimi party is his collection of film memorabilia: it truly is the stuff of Hollywood legend. But unlike Sylvester Stallone's set of Plaster Casters (Lauren seems to think this constitutes a legend), Raimi's vast array of technical equipment and marketing materials from the birthing days of film truly stands up (punintended) to the myth.


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