Friday, November 30, 2007

If MGS4 goes multiplatform

If MGS4 goes multi-platform..

Metal Gear 4 must sell 1 Million in first day to justify cost


it's over for PS3. Completely, utterly finished. They'll have nothing left to look forward to. They will literally start pitching the PS4 and swallow a multi-billion dollar loss.

If you know me, you know I am pretty optimistic about things that can be learned from mistakes, about creativity in general. That said, you probably don't know JUST how angry I get when I see colossal failure as a result of miscommunications and LACK OF LISTENING. I hate the idea of this juggernaut corporation of Kaz Hirai and his yesmen sitting in isolation saying YES, everyone will want a $600 console, YES all the publishers will come to us EVEN if our system costs too much for the mainstream consumer and is impossible to program for. I hate the idea that Kaz Hirai who is for all intents and purposes a dimwitted fellow has the power to try (and fail) to control the gaming experience of an entire generation.

They were so fucking retarded with the PS3. Let me just say first: it takes a genius to make something out of nothing, and they did with the Playstation 1. They beat N64 to the punch, made the system accessible and easy, and used the Sony name wisely. Then, with great wisdom, they marketed the hell out of PS2 to consumers and publishers, and timed the release well.

Now let me say: to MAINTAIN the type of juggernaut success experienced by the previous Playstations, it takes only one key component: ears. You have to listen to the world that is so different than it was when gaming stepped into 3d. You have to see what people want. Do they want more polygons? Do they really Kaz? What a moron. Blindsided by yesmen. That's my completely accurate and not up for discussion analysis of this situation.

Why did they insist on Blu-Ray? Why the fuck did they price it at fucking $600? Why is the online functionality terrible? Why is it tough to program? Kaz Hirai is RETARDED. Dead.

It's GREAT for me. I've always wanted a Wii and X360.

Wii because there's no doubt that Mario Galaxy is a one of a kind experience on the Earth. Plain and simple, you're going to live inside the insane dreams of Miyamoto, the Japanese GODFATHER of games. There would be nothing without this guy, and he pretty much invented the controller to match his dreams. Talk about the dream life for a creative guy.

X360 because you just know nobody (except Google) would ever beat these guys at online integrated play. It's smooth, and easy to program for, so all kinds of developers will try new things. I would just have to pray that FF would jump over too, but Konami and Square have always sort of been buddies.

I'm not even going to talk about how two great Japanese companies will begrudgingly have to head over to America to sign up for the next big thing.

That Kaz Hirai guy could honestly, I"m not fuckin joking, be sniped, or forced to seppuku. This is THAT collosal of a failure. One of the biggest I"ve seen in my life.

Ahh that felt nice to write.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Advice for getting into Gaming

I got an email the other day asking about how to get into gaming, and I wanted to post up the reply. Might as well do it here :)


I think a lot of people love to wax on how dificult it is to get into gaming, because the guys with the jobs want to add prestige to their position.

The truth is, it's quite simple. Make games now. Take a day, make a game just as you would dream of making it. A small text based game? A small fun physics engine? A card game? Talk about it on your cover letter.

Secondly, examine job postings. People want DirectX experience for Graphics Engine jobs, so write a paper on it for a work report this term, and tell them you did next term.

That's the plain and simple of it.

As for GDC, you just have to really dig into yourself to pull out something innovative to say. I talked about the reasons I found games to be on the verge of becoming interactive art, then cited examples like Half Life and Metal Gear.

Good luck, and keep me informed :)

p.s. Everybody wants to be heard, as evidenced by my long email. Write an article for the school paper, call EA, and say you're writing for a school paper and would like a 10 min interview with the head developer. Talk about ins :)