Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This, my friends, may just be the thing to take down the Whitehouse. Topple the entire Axis of Evil and then some. Bring the Ottoman Empire to its knees... damn that happened already. Well if it didn't then it would because of this.

The ultimate cover-up... EXPOSED!... by the sensational work of the CDFTB. Who Spiderman REALLY is. The role of power between Good, Evil, and... Mary Jane? What side is she on? Find out how centuries of ethnocentric thinking has produced the perfect comic grounds for a (thinly veiled) political theatre of SUPER proportions to be played out.

...to be continued when hazy sleep is less a reality and, at least temporarily, a dream...

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NeilV said...

I'm pretty sure the CIA regularly monitors the net by googling "whitehouse spiderman ottoman", so try to keep your arching comparisons to within the realm of general stupidity.

This message may or not mean 'u write 2 smart, wut do u mean by Ottoman is he a new character lolz'.