Friday, June 8, 2007

Top 10 Drunk Multiplayer Games

Sounds good eh? Here's the link @ Destructoid

But I mean....Grand Theft Auto? I can't imagine my friends sitting around while one guy holds the controller and rides his bike into people. Or the Sims? How would beers and friends enhance the slow-moving rudimentary control of a functionally retarded robot? Maybe by 'top', this writer meant 'bring your night to a quick demise'. This list sux, I haxxed* in and made a new one.

1. Strip Pictionary w/ Japanese Blow Up Dolls
2. Family Feud (NES)
3. FlipCup (Phantom)
4. Dildo Licker (Real Life)
5. Guitar Hero
6. Bust-A-Move (PS1 Dancing Game)
7. Tank (QBasic)
7. See 1., w/ Anal

Now that's what I'm talking about, I'm so drunk right now that my list ends at 7... does that count as a game? Counting? Countin' these rocks, beyatch?

*If you're interested in EZ hax there's a guide at


RikkiDee said...

no one drunk can properly use italics

RikkiDee said...

oh and your list lacks the best multiplayar game evar's/Pictures/NESGameCovers/A/Anticipation.jpg

and fuck this comment system for not being able to post links and pics

Anonymous said...

BULL SHIT. San andreas is amazing when your'e fucked up... you havent fucking played the game... you drive around as karl this bad ass nigga talking shit and bustin caps, and then when u get enough gang respect, your homies come in and start talking shit about your girlfriend and then telling you to go to the burger place cuz they hungry and if u dont take em you lose some gang respect and shit... and then if you ditch the girl you gain respect but if you keep her you get more girl points and less gang respect

wow that was a long explanation but yeah fuckin bitch that shit is awesome when your'e drunk

but the best gamne when drunk is super dodgeball on an nes emulator at high speed with the sound cranked