Monday, July 23, 2007

Clark & Michael - Episode 2

Like the spirits of Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau embodied in awkward teenage bodies. I'm obsessed with Clark & Michael's quest to make their television debut. If you enjoy it, check out the site.

I'm personally a big fan of this new crop of online only, short-length episodic comedy. Clark & Michael, 28 Day Slater, Ross Has Herps: writers are forced to condense the best elements of their writing and therefore significantly up the LPM (laughs per minute, it's industry buzz talk, page me if you need to know more).

For example, an average episode of Roseanne has 0.01 LPM, with all jokes pertaining to "kicking Darlene's butt", while Ross Has Herps has approximately 1,500 LPM, each laugh carefully crafted by "Black People w/ Lots of Time" to be a masterpiece. The best thing about LPM is that it's completely objective.


Lauren said...

ah how little george michael has grown up... the bromance between clark and michael is infused with the perfect combination of (purely platonic) love and just-under-the-surface irritation to rate high on the LPM scale!

if you like these short lil online series check out The Office Webisodes, following in the footsteps of its bigger brother tv series through the same awkward documentary style, but made for people with add and too much time on their hands at their computers. yea yea.

NeilV said...

Wikk! You think we should post links to Conchord as well? I wouldn't want to promote any sort of illegaleze on the site, or NBC might shut us down.

Fez The Destroyer said...

fuck NBC.. they want to own neil's world.. lets shut THEM motha fokas down! lets open a website jeajeajeahh Now thats gonna shut them down!

NeilV said...

HAhahahhahah I'm in baby

Fez said...

Nice... now all we need to find is a naked Capivara, then we are all set!!

Anonymous said...

im not a hater or anything

i love ross has herps

but i dont find this funny at all for some reason

lpms (though higher than roseanne) are quite low