Saturday, July 28, 2007

name that album cover!

Alright, so if you guys have been keeping up on the news in the past few months, you might've noticed that NASA has been getting a lot of flack for numerous issues (stalkers, sabotage, missing millions... all the makings for a smash summer intrigue flick). Aaaand the most recent debacle this highly-funded brain trust has had to face? Drunk flying. Seriously. A couple of astronauts flew/ attempted to fly a multi-billion dollar piece of irreplaceable equipment today, totally smashed and against the protest of fellow co-workers and doctors.

I believe this calls for an acronym-oriented organization to spring up under the wings of MADD (possibly called CRAAZIES - Citizens Reacting Against AstronautZ'imma pour one out for ma homies Inebriated Explorations in Space) or *gasp* a look by the American public into how the 16++ billion dollar funding that this organization gets each year could be better spent to prevent the mental break that had to have occurred in these otherwise brilliant individuals. Really, there is no way that a person with a strong grasp on reality would get behind the wheel of the Endeavour spacecraft, a vehicle worth roughly 18,000 times a Porsche 911 Turbo (some really cool, really expensive car...thank you wikipedia) completely sloshed out of their minds.

Almost as a side note to this story (as reported on the CBC the National today) was the final quote, "Alcohol is not allowed on the International Space Station. The Russians have proposed lifting the ban.", along the bottom of a hastily done, clip-art intensive image of a wine bottle floating through space with NASA on the side...classy :P

Cheers comrades!

- L.


Mladen The Terrible said...

your really weird dude.

anyway album cover Boston - Don't Look Back (1978). thanks google.

NeilV said...

hahah , i love it