Sunday, July 8, 2007


If it bothers you that our cultural landscape is being reshaped by faceless media and corporate giants, take action.

If it scares you that nearly every click of your mouse or word typed on the keyboard in front of you is watched, recorded, stored and analyzed by corporations and governments, take action.

If it pulls at your heartstrings to think of the children working tirelessly to make the shoes on your feet, calloused fingers pulling the strings of thread through an infinite number of leather slabs they will never see any profit from, take action.

If you've ever wondered why your stomach growls, moans, complains and cries out after you've just eaten a money-friendly but nutritionally devoid meal at a fast food restaurant, take action.

If it is unsettling to you to see 10 year old girls mimicking the perfect, plastic, unattainable woman by ignorantly embracing mini skirts, eyeshadow and eating disorders, take action.

If you've ever felt short of breath outside for no apparent reason, then looked to the sky and saw only a dense smog of pollution, take action.

If you care about anything at all, do something. Write a letter. Join a protest. Shop smart. Walk, don't drive. Research. Stop and think. Question. Be critical. Support what you believe in. Jam the system with the choices you make in your daily life and watch the world change.

Take action.

- L.


Advocate said...

That's an amazing wake up call. If you ever wanted to do anything, DO IT. For every single person that gets off their ass and sends one concerned email, it's always worth it to fight for change.

Here's a quote "Things won't change. It's the way it is. It's nature." "No, change IS nature."

That's from Ratatouille actually, if you can believe it.

I think I smell a rat said...


I'm not sure if you caught this, but there was a small pun *in* the name of the movie Ratatouille. (hint: the main character was a Rat)

(hint #2: the word Ratatouille begins with "Rat")

RikkiDee said...

what are the odds that your actions will affect anything but your own sense of self satisfaction?

Mladen The Terrible said...

We interrupt this program for some backmasking fun:

Lauren said...

rik - i may not know the statistical odds of one's actions having a lasting impact on anything but one's level of smugness, but i DO know that every action causes a reaction... and I would hope that a positive action would result in a positive reaction, at least most of the time. If people want to give their spare change to the Tim Horton's Camp charity box because it inflates their egos, I don't think you will hear any complaints from the child who gets to spend an otherwise unattainable summer of joy and education in the great outdoors. The impact of an action usually supersedes the motives behind it... at least in my opinion.

and to my ghost-like friend mladen - despite the fact that i have listened to stairway to heaven an infinite number of times, and i worship the devil, i never knew why these two ideas were so intrinsically linked in my mind until now!! :P hehe thanks for the link

ps my neighbour had a pet rat once. it was albino, slightly less insightful than the aforementioned ratatouille, but it had red eyes...

Oprah Winfrey (Dave) said...

Muy Buen L. Dugan:

I think the actual statistic is that for every complaint, or praise, a good marketing team will assume that there are nine others who feel the same.

Fuck adbusters. Although they are funded privately and contain no third party messages, the magazine still functions by stimulating fear. Digging a little deeper now, the design that they use to stimulate this fear is only succesful because it ineracts with mainstream design. Simply put, they are playing the same game; they are hypocrits. A real revolution does not have a brand, just voices.