Sunday, August 26, 2007

What would you do with $39.99?

...probably something a lot farther from brilliant than me.

Because for exactly that amount, I just picked up a small plastic case of magnetic tape off TSN (The Shopping Network). It's probably in the top ten "discoveries by Neil for the human race".

After buying the tape, I stuck it in my magnetic tape detection translation device and then copied the data to my binary information machine. I then made my small digital communications device pump out ones and zeroes corresponding to the intial magnetic data onto another computer accessible to anybody on Earth with a similar binary machine

I knew this video was legit when I saw the scrolling text that advertised purchasing it within the movie itself. Either this movie had a theatrical release (more than likely) or they know that most people who see this need two copies: one to watch and one to cherish.


NeilV said...

In other news, Jim Morrison is such a captivating figure, and if this little clip of his haunting voice doesn't come to you every time you think of psychadelia then you are dead to the gypsy queen I adore.

JayBonerTron_teh_Robodick said...

to anyone who knows who jim and the doors are, but doesn't really know them that well... watch this: