Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jim Cramer Rules

He's right. Nobody understands the nature of the new market.


I asked my dad (www.valuesciences.com) to sum up what he's saying in lay man's terms.

"He is saying that the government should bail out all the people who cant afford to pay the money they borrowed to buy high priced homes in the U.S."

"...this trend has caused the banks who lent the money to run into trouble with
the people they borrowed money from."

"His solution is to flush the system with cheap money (lower rates) so that stock market will stop going down and everyone will be happy, particularly Jim himself because most of what he has been recommending is losing money and soon his show will be up in flames if not him personally as well. Fast world, this one of finance..."


Anonymous said...

Back when I had cable, Mad Money was my favourite show. Particularly the episode where he attacked his chair.. so all of them.


Lauren said...

maybe we would better understand his point if that vein in his neck popped and splattered THEY HAVE NO IDEA all over the camera.

he seems like the type to beat his wife with a burlap bag of oranges.

NeilV said...

Lol, I think he's the man. He completely gives a voice to the "public buzz". It's almost as if he's a system designed to control the randomness in the system (the irrational public opinion of the market) by defining that randomness.
Then, if, and I suspect I'm correct, his ultimate aim is to find the true source of the randomness, Jim Cramer is in fact a microcosm of The Matrix.

Oh, and LOL at burlap bags of oranges and chairs. So true.

M. C. Fazeli said...

Neil, I completely agree with your dad on all the points... I was saying something along those lines to Joe regarding that video.

Cramer is smart, but some of his public comments are utter lunacy...

Joe said...

Chris: stop being an academic! call someone for heavens' sake...

I love the muted, unimpressed reaction of the hostess... she clearly can't handle the dynamic improvisations of the high-intensity, human-entertainment-machine that is Cramer. She acts like she's working at a restaurant and listening to a customer service complaint. You're on TV, woman, fight fire with fire! Cramer just told you to call someone, go call them!!

DadV said...

Okay you guys , dragged me into it. If you really want to know his motives, you have to see his claim of victory on last night's Mad Money where he said that Ben (the object of his tirade)was influenced and didn't really do anything becuase he couldn't.

CRAMER's motive is simply to sell paper. Cramer is a showman.

The reason Erin (the girl) couldn't get a word in is becuase no one can get a word in with this guy talking. It's his style and it works as long as it works. As everything in stock market, one day it will stop working. Then there will be no Cramer, no Erin, just empty space (just kidding).

What amazes me is that your crowd watched this enough to make it no.1 on Utube?

NeilV said...

Cramer's response to the huge outcry after his tirade:

Cramer Isn't Sorry

Anonymous said...

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