Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Keep keepin' on, Keepon!

New Keepon/Spoon video!! Great synthesis of Japan + robots + rock music in this video:

Keepon is a Japanese Robot "designed to perform emotive and attentive exchange with human interactants (especially children)". If you want to see the original Keepon/Spoon video, click here. Also, this one is neat.

Edit: Just found an interesting article about this robot here. Apparently the robot runs software which can pick out the main beat in a piece of music, and it moves to that beat; i.e. it is not pre-programmed! Actual quote from article: "Robots that dance have enormous amusement potential."


Lauren said...

Dude all that robot party at the end needs is bender showing up with a bottle of booze!

hehe that lil keepon is pretty damn cool, how sweet would that be sitting next to your computer just feelin the beats, groovin and shakin... I vant!

Don't ever need to worry 'cause its gunna feel alright! And don't these robots know it! ;)

Anonymous said...

That video was like so many of my dreams, except you couldnt see me in the back room making out with Kelly Clarkson.

I for one would pay anything to be able to host such happenin' robot dance parties.